A Perfect Day: The Lazy Fisherman

3 AM wake-up calls, full wetsuits and fins, treacherous rocks…impressive. But not for everyone. Sometimes you just want to take it easy, enjoy a leisurely day on the water and come home with some fish. We map out how to do just that below.

**2016 Fluke Season opens May 17**


Before you head down to the docks, hit up the Montauk Market (run by the same people who owned Four Oaks Deli), at the east end of Main Street for eats. It opens at 6AM and you get in and out. We’d go BEC and coffee, plus a sandwich for a second breakfast or early lunch on the boat.

Montauk Market
805 Montauk Highway (631) 668-2071 (right next to Happy Bowls, less than 10 minute drive to the docks)


Meet Captain Mike over at the dock by 7:30 AM for a (not-crazy-early) 8 AM morning fluke fishing trip. Bring a sweatshirt, (maybe the Dramamine) and rent all your gear on the boat.

474 Westlake Drive (631) 668-5671 (one minute drive from Four Oaks, located at Salivar’s Dock)


What’s a fishing trip without some (more) beer? Walk all of 15 feet from the boat to Salivar’s for a roof-top beverage and view of the harbor.

470 Westlake Drive (631) 668-6252 (15 feet from the Lazybones)


If you’re staying for the weekend, the Montauk Soundview is a great hotel option. It’s just a few hundred yards from the docks and right on the water. Kick back for a lazy poolside nap then wake up with a dive into Block Island Sound from the sweet little beach just to the east of the hotel.

Montauk Soundview
6 Soundview Drive (631) 668-5500 (1 minute drive from Salivar’s)


Time to lay in supplies for dinner and after. Follow the road along the water to Gosman’s Market (in the dock area), where you’ll find everything you need to turn that fluke you just caught into this tasty meal (link to recipe). Then as you loop back to the hotel, see Mike at Finest Kind Wines & Liquor for all your sunset-watching drinks needs.

Gosman’s Market
484 West Lake Drive (631) 668-5645 (10 minute walk or 1 minute drive from Soundview)

Finest Kind Liquors
552 West Lake Drive (631) 668-9463 (5 minute walk or 1 minute drive from Gosman’s, on the way back to Soundview)


Swap fishing stories with the professionals. Depending on the night (less-so on summer weekends), this place can look and feel like a scene from The Perfect Storm—real fisherman and real crazy stories, if you’re lucky.

Liar’s Saloon
401 West Lake Drive (back towards the docks)


Photography by Randy Harris