Montauk Mainstay

Cyril’s Fish House

Who: Cyril Fitzsimons, for almost three decades now
What: An outdoor bar that brings overflow crowds
Where: 2167 Montauk Highway, (technically Amagansett)
Why: When a place has been this popular for this long, you’ve got to drop in to see what the fuss is about
Insider tip: Don’t pass on the frozen drinks…also, bring cash

The guy hanging out at a table reading, sporting bright yellow glasses, is Cyril himself. That he spends his winters in Anguilla explains the mood at his little restaurant/bar, all bright blues and greens, with a jaunty striped awning. What there’s no explanation for is why a place with no view to speak of, with bar stools that face a gravel parking lot, has been the official spot for the start of the evening for more than two decades. Maybe it’s the casual openness, maybe it’s the BBCs (a frozen blender drink created by Cyril at his bar in Anguilla), maybe it’s just that everyone is in a great mood. Or maybe it’s the luck of the Irish. Whatever—just go with it.

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