Montauk Mainstay

Ditch Witch

Who: First Lili Adams, now her kids Abby and Grant
What: A deceptively small trailer­-kitchen combo with a super tasty menu
Where: The (second/middle) lot at the end of Otis Road in Ditch Plains
Why: Breakfast burritos, cinnamon buns, wraps, without leaving the beach
Insider tip: Order up fast, then step aside—the Witch doesn’t suffer slowpokes

Between the regular offerings scrawled on a well­-worn surfboard (stuffed sammies, wraps, Asian noodle salad, tofu pups, Lil’s lemonade) and the daily specials, it’s possible to eat at the Ditch Witch pretty much every weekend all summer and not run out of something new worth trying. (Regulars set up tabs at the start of the season.) While you’ll become addicted to the Ditch Witch because of the food alone, you’ll soon realize there’s something truly awesome about not having to give up your hard-won parking spot (in the permits-­only lot) to go grab lunch.






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