Montauk Mainstay

Memory Motel

Who: Built by Frank and Marilyn Roys in 1951
What: One­-story motel, and a bar best experienced very late
Where: 692 Montauk Highway
Why: The Rolling Stones’ ‘76 Black and Blue album track, “Memory Motel”
Insider tip: Careful navigating Montauk’s “Bermuda Triangle” (i.e., don’t get run over while bar hopping between the Memory and the Point)

The story’s been passed around many times but it’s worth repeating: in the spring and summer of 1975, as they geared up for an upcoming world tour and worked on a new album, The Rolling Stones decamped to their pal Andy Warhol’s estate overlooking the Atlantic in Montauk. That much we know is true. As for the rest—that photographer Peter Beard, who was also a friend and had a place just to the east, brought Mick Jagger to the Memory, where the bartender let it be known the owners were not fans—we can’t be sure. But lucky for us, some sort of an impression was made. And recorded.






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