Montauk Mainstay

The Montauket

Who: Fischer family since 1959
What: Cliff­-side bar/restaurant with the best views in Montauk
Where: 88 Firestone Road
Why: Family’s commitment to not cash in keeps it real
Insider tip: Be nice to Puck—the no­-nonsense guy behind the bar with the handlebar mustache

One of the few places to experience a happy mingling of the old and new Montauk vibes. Year­-rounders and regulars hang mostly inside at the bar—where massive windows don’t diminish the view—while outside on the patio, situated on a grassy bluff overlooking Fort Pond Bay, a mash­up of locals, summer loyalists and weekend­-trippers share one thing: the knowledge that they have indeed been given the key to one of the most magical places on the planet. One sunset will provide the Instagram feed of a lifetime. Be sure to say thanks to Marilyn for not selling the joint on the way out.






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